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Surrender to New Life


The notion of surrender is often scoffed at by a world where winners are praised and losers are shamed, but when it comes to spirituality, surrender—or “letting go”—can be one of the strongest, most mature contemplative movements one can make. Part of the spiritual life is becoming aware of our inner patterns and partnering with God to surrender the lies we tell ourselves and replacing them with spiritual truths.


Resident ghost
in the halls of my head—

why won’t it
leave this home alone?

Floorboards creak
in the thick of night—

haunting rooms
deep in my soul.

Why can I not let go,
my Lord?

Guide me softly
to my knees.

Help me find my way
back to truth

before these lies
drown my belief.


Most of us have something any given day that we struggle to surrender. Whenever you hear the proverbial creaking of the floorboards today remind yourself who is in control, and surrender the “haunting” to God.


Pause and Pray from Franciscan Media 



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