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Relational Power


It has been noted that there are two basic kinds of power—relational power and coercive power. Coercive power is unilateral, demanding, and controlling. It acts but does not listen. Relational power is attentive, understanding, creative, and liberating. It listens and is the inspiration to action. Jesus used relational power to bring out the best in those he encountered. He used his power to empower his followers—to help them see their identity as God’s beloved children and respond with love for others.


God of loving power, help me to use my power and influence
to support others’ creativity and freedom.
Rejoicing in your abundant life, let me rejoice in others’ success
and help them become fully alive as your beloved children.


Today, take time to examine your relationships and how you use power–whether in relation to adults, or children, or based on sexual identity. Use this awareness to nurture freedom, creativity, and responsibility in others congruent with the common good.

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