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Reflecting God’s Perfect Love

Sun setting over the water by the mountains


When Jesus commands us to “be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect,” he isn’t telling us we should never make mistakes. It is a call to be united in spirit, not divided. His Father sends the rain to the just and the unjust, lets the sun shine upon the evil as well as the good. Jesus is exhorting us to be like thatto love our enemies and even to bless those who curse us.


Heavenly Father, open my heart and fill it with your perfect love.
And let that love flow out of me to everyone I meet.
Help me refrain from judging whether someone is “worthy” of love
and instead, may I reflect your abundance of grace.


See God in every person you meet this day. Offer them a kind word or a glad smile. Let them know that they have been seen.

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