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Rebuilding the Kingdom

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The political divide in this country grows wider by the day—and the infighting is deafening. In smaller ways, though, our own relationships can mirror such a divide. What can you do to ease tensions in your community or family?


God of peace,
you desire your people to love
but we are quick to anger.
You want us to work together
and yet too often we are in conflict.
But I will rise above the noise.
I will follow the example of your son,
who preached tolerance over prejudice,
kindness over aggression, and love over hate.
I will do my small part to repair a kingdom
that, again, has fallen into ruin.


Peace and justice organizations can be found in nearly every community. Consider volunteering or financially supporting groups that seek to lift the human person. Let us all do our part to rebuild the kingdom.

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2 thoughts on “Rebuilding the Kingdom”

  1. Arlene B. Muller

    In our desire for peace we must never compromise TRUTH & in our desire to uphold TRUTH we must strive to maintain CHARITY, CIVILITY & RESPECT.

  2. Lord Jesus Christ, keep us always alert to you, to your word, your action, and your constant presence in our lives. Let us see your glory. Amen.

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