Pause + Pray

Radical Amazement

man standing by a lake and enjoying the view of the mountains.


Jewish theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel affirms that radical amazement is the heart of religious experience. Life is amazing. We are, as the psalmist says, awesomely (fearfully) and wonderfully made. Just to be alive is a miracle. Thinking, breathing, moving, acting, and talking are all miraculous. Delight in the wonder of your life and the world. Out of this gratitude for the wonder of life, make a commitment to bring beauty and love to those around you and to the world.


Open my senses, Divine Artist,
To the amazing grace of life.
Awaken my eyes to beauty,
My ears to harmony,
My touch to caring,
My nose to delight,
My tongue to deliciousness.
Let my amazement inspire me
To bring these same feelings to others,
Most especially those who hunger and thirst.
Let my bounty be a blessing.


Take time to savor life today in all its richness. Let your senses run wild in experiencing the wonders of life in all its diversity. Consider ways you can promote the experience of beauty and wonder in your community and among your companions.

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