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Grace in Times of Trouble

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Blessed Onesimus was a runaway slave in the New Testament. Despite this distressing situation, he ultimately became known as a holy one in the early Church. It was St. Paul who gave Onesimus guidance and encouragement. Paul nurtured his faith and then sent Onesimus back to his owners in Colossae. St. Paul gave Onesimus a letter to share with his slaveholders, Philemon and Apphia, with a plea that they reconsider Onesimus’ position: “So if you regard me as a partner, welcome [Onesimus] as you would me [Paul]” (Phlm 1:17).


Blessed Onesimus,
Please pray that I may not let seasons of trouble discourage me.
Pray that I may put all my hope in God,
and let his grace flow through me.


Have you ever read St. Paul’s Letter to Philemon? Consider getting to know this holy slave by reading this short epistle—maybe five verses a day for five days. Make it a mini Bible study! Consider which character you relate to the most: Onesimus, Philemon, Apphia, or Paul?

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