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Be Still

We want to experience the nearness of God, but we lack the ability to be still.
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Finding Joy in Challenging Times

Can you have joy in a difficult time? Can you experience wonder and beauty, and rejoice in a time of pandemic? For St. Paul, joy is trusting that in all things God is your companion.
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What Comes After Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is an important part of spiritual health, but appropriate boundaries can be equally as important when the offense was significant.
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Desiring Peace? Work for Justice

Peace in the world comes about when we seek and work for the justice of our neighbor and the world. The two go hand in hand.
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Humility and Grace in Aging

At age 58 in 1978, Pope John Paul II was still an avid skier, hiker, and swimmer. But over the next 27 years, age and health issues caught up with him—as they do with us all.
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Be Like Peter

Despite his many mistakes St. Peter displayed incredible heart. He felt deeply. He loved deeply. He was always eager and willing to follow Jesus, even if he sometimes failed.
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Helping Younger Generations

No matter the time or place, there are always challenges for young people growing up. We need to be a guiding light and safe place for them during their time of growth and discovery.
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