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Pause and Pray

One Candle Lighting Another

Nov 14, 2020
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Throughout the day, we encounter a variety of people who may be strangers. May this prayer support you in knowing that what you give to all brightens the world.


God, gently remind me
that how I treat
every single person today matters.
Help me give true kindness
to all who cross my path,
and to see all interactions
as a chance to pass on Christ’s love,
as simple as one candle
reaching out to light another.


Today, see who you meet. Whether on the phone, in stores, at street corners--no matter how brief, offer them a little extra warmth from your heart.

Pause and Pray from Franciscan Media


Submitted by Daniel Miner (not verified) on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 07:08 AM


I was at the grocery store and instead of saying “have a good day”, I looked at the cashier, smiled and said, “I hope you have a good day!” She could tell that I meant it and I really think it brightened her day.

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