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A Soulful Friendship

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“Our souls were made to understand each other.”
—St. Thérèse of Lisieux to Maurice Bellière 

During the last year of her life, in response to a request for prayers, St. Thérèse ended up writing a number of encouraging letters to Maurice Bellière, an aspiring seminarian. Maurice replied to each letter and a truly meaningful friendship ensued. Though the two never met in person, they sent joyful, inspiring, and happy words back and forth to each other. When Maurice learned that Sister Thérèse’s life was near its end, he was devastated. “Oh my poor little Sister,” he wrote. “What a blow for my poor heart!”


Dear St. Thérèse and Maurice,
Pray that I too may find holiness and goodness
in the friendships of my life.
Pray that I let all my friendships be influenced
by the goodness of God; that each friendship
might glorify him.


Ponder a few friendships in your life. Which friendships draw you closer to God? Which of these relationships tend to lure you away? What changes might you make with your friends?

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