Pause + Pray

Living in Gratitude


Gaze not only at the screen but also around the room in which that screen provides a familiar glow. A photo or more, a book, some pens, some hard-to-remember passwords on a Post-It. Familiar? Humdrum? What does any of it mean?


Surprise me today,
Creator of the universe.
I do not want to take this room,
these surroundings,
my gifts,
my strengths for granted.
You are the one
who has granted them to me.
Open my inner eye
to see your world new.
May my prayer be one of thanks
and amazement
and delight.
I want to see you.


When you pour a morning beverage, be grateful. When you see the face of another for the first time today, look with love. Express that affection. Bathe yourself in the beauty of the familiar.

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