Pause + Pray

Let Justice Come Alive Today


We can’t wait for justice in our world. We can’t put off the quest for equality. We must embody justice today, plan for justice today, and be the justice we want to see in the world. In committing ourselves to contemplative activism, let us take time to pray and then join our prayers with protest.


God of tomorrow’s dreams,
let there be peace on earth
and let it begin with me.
Let there be justice today
and let me be its prophet.
Let me feel the pain of the world
nd respond with compassion.
Let me be just in every dealing
and out of my quest for integrity
let me embody your realm of shalom.


Where do you see racism and injustice? What persons are forgotten and marginalized? Whose voices are silenced or forgotten in your community and the nation? Ask God for guidance for your justice-seeking, and when you receive an answer make a commitment to respond with compassion and challenge.

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