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Pause and Pray

I Thought This Would Be Easier

Sep 19, 2021
I thought this would be easier


In dark times, we are challenged to find a way to give God thanks and praise. May we pray for the courage and strength to do so.


Lord, I am struggling to see the light
in the darkness I find myself in right now.
My heart aches and my mind is trying to make sense
of what looks like a void of meaning.
Deep down, I know there are reasons for suffering, that it isn’t meaningless.
I guess I thought this would be easier.

But I remember Jesus’ suffering, Mary’s tears at the foot of the cross,
and I am reminded that I am not alone—far from it.
So, despite the pain I’m feeling and against what our society often deems as senseless,
I am grateful.
You brought me into being, loved me into existence,
and have never stopped loving me along the way.
That is more than enough.


What causes you pain today? Whether it is a physical ailment or an emotional wound, offer it up to God and ask, in the time that God sees fit, for the meaning of this suffering to be revealed.

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Sun, 09/19/2021 - 03:50 PM
My pain comes from this world-- I cry often for those being abused(mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually)--including animals. I cry for those whose world is being destroyed by heat, famine, lack of clean water, and floodings. I cry for mankind because the world seems so cruel and I know I am blessed compared to many. It just simply is too much how people have grown so hateful. judgemental, entitled... and the list goes on........Will this ever end?

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