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I Have Everything I Need

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The Apostle Paul asserts that God will supply all our needs. We can look at the world in terms of scarcity and every person for themselves. Conversely, we can see the world through the eyes of abundance and affirm that we have enough to share with others. There is enough, as Mahatma Gandhi says, for all our need, but not our greed. Living by God’s abundance, we have enough and can share our largesse with others, inviting them into a world of abundant life.


God of abundant love,
I open to your abundance, 
So that I may become an instrument 
Of abundant love for others.
Living out of your abundant supply,
I share generously my resources.


Today, consider your attitudes toward money and power. You may choose to readjust your attitudes and behavior in light of God’s amazing love. Consider where God calls you to share your abundance.

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