Pause + Pray

I Am a Samaritan Woman Too

two women talking with each other in an office


Jesus approached the Samaritan woman at the well in the heat of the day when the rest of her community rested in the afternoon cool of their homes. She was an outcast and had no idea who he was until finally, he said, “I am he.” She ran to tell the townspeople she had found the Messiah, and despite her reputation, many of them came to believe in him because of her joyous testimony.


Dear God,
How often do I see you and not recognize you?
How often do you offer to fill my spiritual needs,
only to have me focus on my material ones instead?
How many times have you promised me your peace,
only to have me brush you aside in the busyness of my day?
Forgive me, Lord. Fill me with your loving water,
and help me share it with this world that needs you.


Consider the people you are likely to meet in your day and figure out a way to share something about your faith with one of them. They might be just the person who needs to hear about God’s love.

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