Pause + Pray

When You’re Feeling Lost

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One day, I found myself separated from the person responsible for my ride home from a professional football game. Worse yet, I had forgotten where we’d parked. I began to feel panic. Then I remembered the adage “when you are lost, pause a moment and look around.” I paused, prayed, and then saw in the distance the elevator we had taken. I walked to the elevator and found my friend waiting. When you feel lost, pause awhile, pray for guidance, and take time to let the answers come.


In times of chaos and uncertainty,
Let me pause.
Let me pray.
Let me notice.
Let me respond.
The answers are here, and I simply need 
To awaken to them.
Give me peace in the storm so that I might help others
Find their way.


If there is a problem or situation that perplexes you, consider pausing rather than acting. Eventually you will have to do something, but let your actions be informed by the wisdom of God’s still small voice and your deepest evaluation of the situation.

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