Pause + Pray

‘Hello to Here’

Man enjoying the moment of rain.


In his beautiful book In the Shelter, Pádraig Ó Tuama speaks of a particular phrase: “Hello to here.” The idea means I am fully present to this here and now, not the past or the future, not fantasies or regret, but here. Hello to here—not what you wanted or longed for or lost, not what you hoped for or imagined. This here—this now.


God of the present moment,
All I have is the moment right here and now.
Teach me how to be present to my right-now reality,
not what I wish or long for.
No matter what happens in my life,
your presence will always nurture and sustain me.


Ground yourself in this day. Say hello to here wherever the day takes you. Does this change how you view your life? Why or why not?

Patricia Breen

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