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Gifts and Grace

Thank you spelled out on wooden cubes


Sometimes the demands that are placed upon us—which are often self-inflicted demands—fuel expectations that mysteriously bind themselves to us. We become bonded to a false reality rooted in lack, and therefore become blinded to an already-unfolding reality that is filled with divine gifts that are to be enjoyed, big or small. May this prayer help inspire you to release the narratives in your head and enjoy the gifts and grace of the day.


Open me up
to the magic and possibility
of living within
what my dear friend calls
“the grace of the day” 
where every gift is savored
for as long as it lasts,
like being lost in a song,
swimming in its layers,
fully present, strangely free,
wanting nothing more from life,
than dancing into the next tune.

All is a gift from you for me.
Thank you, Lord.


What is the narrative in your head that pulls you away from enjoying today’s grace and gifts? Pray a line or two that resonated from this prayer every time this narrative begins to replay itself in your head.

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