Pause + Pray

Daybreak Decision


No matter how much we practice patience, no matter how much we pray, sometimes the morning arrives when we must take the action we’ve been contemplatingand it can be scary. No matter our choices, God will give us the courage to act.


Dear God, you know I’ve taken this decision slowly.
I’ve prayed at Mass and at midnight.
I’ve sought advice, tried to do it right.

I’ve been holding on. And now that time is here.
Yes, today is the day. Give me the courage I need
to surrender to your will. 
I long to let go!
The birds in your sky make it look so easy to glide and trust.
Help me do what I know I must do.
If only it were that simple, to just go where your winds blow.


If you face a hard decision today, know that you tried your best to pray to make the right choice. Let yourself lie down and rest. Honor how hard it’s been.

What Was Lost: Seeking Refuge in the Psalms


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