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Pause and Pray

Count Your Blessings

Sep 24, 2022
Heart shaped cloud in bright blue sky


God sends us blessings throughout the day, though we don’t always recognize or appreciate them. In order to cultivate a gracious heart, let us first pray for openness.


Dear God, your blessings take many shapes
but I do not always welcome them.

In the busyness of the day, give me eyes to see
the beauty around me and a heart that is open to its graces.

Let me share those blessings with those who have less.


At the close of the day today, write down three blessings that lifted your spirits. Offer up this prayer again in thanks to a generous God who provided them.

Minute Meditations


Barbara Wright OP
Sat, 09/24/2022 - 09:36 AM
Barbara Wright OP
Thank you! I love the reflections. BW

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