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Cling to God

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“Cling to him, do not leave him.”—Sirach 2:3a

This is a short but profound reminder from the Old Testament Book of Sirach. So many issues, events, people, and responsibilities distract us. They can slowly tug us away from God. Cling is a strong word to describe our prescribed relationship with God. Clinging is more that standing close by, it’s more than being near someone. It’s adhering, sticking, gripping, fastening. This sort of relationship takes steady effort and resolution. But the payoff is profound. Clinging to God, enriches our soul, helps us to make good choices, and keeps our mind filled with our creator. It’s a worthwhile challenge!


Oh Lord,
It’s hard to cling to you, to truly attach ourselves to you each day.
Help me to make this effort even during times of demanding work,
and interactions with other people.
Help me to cling to you with all my heart!


Take a moment to think about your day. Consider any moments when you pulled away from God. And rejoice over any moments when you clung to him despite surrounding distractions.

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