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Blessed Lady Jacoba and Almond Treats

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Lady Jacoba (now Blessed Jacoba) was deeply struck by St. Francis of Assisi and consequently became a Third Order Franciscan. She kindly offered one special luxury to the humble man of Assisi: Blessed Jacoba sometimes made Francis a delicious almond treat, and upon his deathbed, Francis requested some of these confections. Despite being a woman, she was allowed to enter the friary to deliver these almond sweets to her cherished friend. It has since become a custom among some Franciscan communities to share almond confections near the death of a dear one.


Blessed Lady Jacoba,
Help me to have an open heart like yours.
Pray that I might befriend people who lead me to God,
that I—like you—might show kindness to people who love God so deeply.


Flip through the cookie section of your cookbook. See if you can find a recipe for some sort of an almond sweet. Make up a batch and offer them to a friend who inspires you, or—like some Franciscans—during the passing of someone dear.

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