Pause + Pray

Awaking to Divine Light


If we wake with troubled or lonely hearts, we can remember right away that we are not alone; we can close our eyes and begin our day by envisioning the comfort of his light. No matter our situation, he promises to find us. 


God, I awake with anxiety.
My feelings are tossed like the surface of a bottomless sea.
Guide me to trust that you are here.
Help me see the tiny speck of hope on the bleak horizon.
There it is, your lanternyellow rays of light
spilling across the waves.
Your love, headed my way.
Growing brighter, and nearer.
Forever finding me.


There are so many lights in our lives, dispelling the dark. Look at how the sun moves east to west and how the darkness disappears. See if you can find and note them all today: the lamps, the streetlights, the headlights, the stars.

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