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A Little Love for Us All

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the romantics. And though this holiday has been commercialized repeatedly, the true meaning of this day is more powerful than any gift, bouquet of flowers, or diamond necklace. Valentine’s Day is an affirmation: We are all worthy of love. Love is not a gift that we have to wait for. Love is constant, ever present, and ever new in every relationship and encounter we have with each other.


God of love,
God who is love,
God who perfected love,
God who gives love in abundance:
On a day marked by your gift of love,
May we be reminded that
we are all worthy of being loved.
May we encounter love
in our conversations and interactions today.
May the words we breathe
be imbued with your love for us.
Worthy are we because you have loved us first.


Today, reach out to someone who may feel alone on Valentine’s Day. Show them that they are worthy of love, and in doing so remind yourself that you are too.

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1 thought on “A Little Love for Us All”

  1. I will always view Valentines Day as a day for loving couples. As for the rest of us single types, well, I don’t care what other people do. Why should that be my concern? I’m just trying to make the most of my own life.

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