Minute Meditations

The Bond of Love

group of friends hugging

As we make our annual pilgrimage around the sun, who could know the uncountable stories of loves, losses, and longings—of tears, terror, and tragedy—touched briefly each day in the passing shimmer of sunlight. Deeper appreciations of the mysterious complexity of reality—at its most minute (in molecular and quantum dynamics) and universal (in the cosmic interplay of the galaxies)—continue to reveal an infinitely more intricate tapestry of mutuality and interdependence. Spirit breathes us into being and thrives on forever bringing us all back around to oneness and holding us all together, so we too can give ourselves to each other and know the real bonding of love, the infinite closeness of everything. In the end, awe remains the most honest response to new, surprising perspectives on the immeasurable breadth, unfathomable depth, and incomprehensible degree of our own unknowing.

—from the book Wandering and Welcome: Meditations for Finding Peace
by Joseph Grant

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