Minute Meditations

Presence Seeks Us

light in the dark

Who looks out for you? We need not look far and wide for the Source of Being, around and inside since Presence relentlessly seeks us out. The surprise of salvation is that we are all headed for healing, pursued by Mystery, found in forgiveness, by an ever-patient Presence who, unperturbed by waywardness, tenaciously tracks us down. For a time, we might cast ourselves into the chasm of mass distraction, thinking to be unreachable. For a while, we might let our souls be held captive by the shadow-play of plasma screens, or gorge on sound-bite reactions to life’s tragic wonder. But, in due time, even here, joy can unseat us, mystery unsettle us, pain up-end us, and forgiveness find us out. Every seeker understands what it is to be found and found out, sought and caught out by life. Those on a quest are content to be enticed into unknowing by penetrating questions. And the lonely soul finally finds home by welcoming others. And should we allow ourselves to be found, we might receive and radiate mercy, becoming bright beacons in the densest night. We cease pursuing a separate “Other” when we are entangled, caught up in the hurting-hope of a sister or brother. New-found by forgiveness, the hungers of the sorely afflicted among us unshackle us from spiritual self-seeking. Forgiving brings us to our knees, not to beg but to revere, to let ourselves be found, without trace of shame or fear. Holiness is no longer hidden, except in plainest sight. Joy kindles hearts, and hope hangs on every smile.

—from the book Wandering and Welcome: Meditations for Finding Peace
by Joseph Grant

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