Minute Meditations

The Answer Found in Walking

I am a walker. Indeed, walking is one of my favorite pastimes. I rejoice in sunrise while striding on the beach near my home or through urban landscapes when I’m traveling on business. I delight in an afternoon saunter with my wife, Kate, and our goldendoodle, taking in the beauty of Cape Cod as my dog gallops across the beach. Knowing my love for walking, a dear friend once gave me a glass paperweight, inscribed with Augustine’s words: solvitur ambulando, “it will be solved in the walking.” Movement awakens novel visions and stimulates creative thinking. It’s difficult to hold onto old ideas when you’re on the move. Walking becomes the place of possibility, intimacy, and service. God is our companion as we venture toward new horizons.

—from the book Walking with Francis of Assisi: From Privilege to Activism
by Bruce Epperly

Walking with Francis of Assisi by Bruce Epperly


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