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Read the Bible with New Eyes

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This marvelous anthology of books and letters called the Bible is all for the sake of astonishment. It’s for divine transformation (theosis), not intellectual or “small-self” coziness…. The biblical revelation invites us into a genuinely new experience. Wonderfully enough, human consciousness in the twenty-first century is, more than ever, ready for such an experience—and also very much in need of it! The trouble is that we have made the Bible into a bunch of ideas—about which we can be right or wrong—rather than an invitation to a new set of eyes. (pp. 1–2)

• When has the Bible led you “into a genuinely new experience”? Describe as much of that experience as you can recall, then sit for a few moments in silence to see what else arises of that memory. What does it have to say to you today?

• When have you witnessed the Bible being reduced to “intellectual or ‘small-self’ coziness”? Were you aware of it at the time, or only in retrospect? In what ways can you be careful to avoid such reduction in your own faith journey?

—from the book Things Hidden Companion Guide by Richard Rohr (page 9)

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1 thought on “Read the Bible with New Eyes”

  1. Mary Patricia Ronningen

    I died, took away my need to drink and use drugs two years ago in one month. The Bible has brought so much joy and knowledge to me and continues eaten every day. Even if I read the same thing over, I get something new and wonderful from it. I have never said oh I already read this. I don’t wanna read it again. God and Jesus speak in the Bible that’s beyond amazing God and Jesus speak. Amen.

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