February 7, 2023

Gregory: World needs African Americans’ ‘strength of character’

WASHINGTON (OSV News) — Celebrating a Feb. 5 Mass in honor of Black History Month, Washington Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory urged “ordinary people of color” to “vastly improve our world with an understanding of the strength of character that resides ...
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View from above the clouds

Saints in the Making

Reflect Do you ever think about the saints and wonder how they could ascend to such spiritual heights? Consider this: You are a saint in the making. Our lives may not be perfect but our quest for holiness never stops. ...
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Man reading a bible | Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Read the Bible with New Eyes

This marvelous anthology of books and letters called the Bible is all for the sake of astonishment. It’s for divine transformation (theosis), not intellectual or “small-self” coziness…. The biblical revelation invites us into a genuinely new experience. Wonderfully enough, human ...
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Follow Without Reservation

If we want to be disciples of Jesus Christ, following him in complete freedom and without any reservation, the first and most important thing that we must let go of is ourselves.
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