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How Do We Stand Against Hate?

Sep 9, 2021
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So, I will pose the great spiritual problem in this way: “How do we stand against hate without becoming hate ourselves?” We would all agree that evil is to be rejected and overcome; the only question is, how? How can we stand against evil without becoming a—denied—mirror image of the same? That is often the heart of the matter which, in my experience, is only resolved successfully by a very small portion of people, even though it is quite clearly resolved in the life, teaching, and death of Jesus... Both sides of this paradox are presented as inseparable—there is no life without death, there is no death without life. We call it the paschal or Passover mystery.

— from the book Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality by Richard Rohr, OFM

Things Hidden by Richard Rohr


Paul Lang
Thu, 09/09/2021 - 08:47 AM
Paul Lang
It is a hateful thing to accuse others of hate when they have no such feeling or evil intent

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