Minute Meditations

God Loves Our Attempts to Pray

I remember when my first child started drawing pictures, around the age of two. I’d come home from work, and she’d be eager to show me the pictures she had drawn for me during the day. Many times, the pictures were just a bunch of scribbles, not clear depictions one could easily identify. (“That’s me? Oh…wow, I didn’t realize… Well, thank you!”) I was always delighted that my daughter was thinking of me during the day and desiring to give me a gift. I saw her heart more than her final product. What would you think of a father who took his daughter’s scribbled pictures, tore them up, and told her not to draw pictures again until she could get them exactly right? No good father would do that! “Whatever struggles you may face with the rosary, never walk away feeling discouraged.”

—from the book Praying the Rosary Like Never Before: Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth 
by Edward  Sri

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before


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