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God Is the Source of Our Life

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When we search long and hard enough to know the source of our own lives and the source of life at the heart of creation, we discover that the whole creation is pregnant with God. To see, to contemplate and to be transformed so as to become what we love marks the path of Franciscan prayer. The problem today is that we love many things—our freedom, independence, financial wealth, status, power and whatever else our culture tells us will make us happy; thus, there is little room within us to fully embrace God. God, in a sense, has to push through all the things that clutter our lives in order to dwell within us. Franciscan prayer calls us back to poverty, penance, conversion and a heart full of mercy, values and attitudes that are counter-cultural but life-giving. Only when we acknowledge our need for God can we begin to find God. Prayer begins in the poverty of the desert and is the cry of the poor person who is far from home and seeks the way to the source of life.

—from the book Franciscan Prayer 
by Ilia Delio, OSF

Franciscan Prayer | Franciscan Media

2 thoughts on “God Is the Source of Our Life”

  1. Thank you Ilia! How true this all is!!! I have recently re-read your book and have found a lot of inspiration and guidance there. May God bless you!

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