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God Conquers Our Evil with Good

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God resists our evil and conquers it with good, or how could God ask the same of us?! Think about that. God shocks and stuns us into love. God does not love us if we change; God loves us so that we can change. Only love effects true inner transformation, not duress, guilt, shunning, or social pressure. Love is not love unless it is totally free. Grace is not grace unless it is totally free. You would think Christian people would know that by now, but it is still a secret of the soul.

—from the book Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
by Richard Rohr

Breathing Under Water by Richard Rohr


1 thought on “God Conquers Our Evil with Good”

  1. The psychologists say that our personalities are formed by around the age of eight or nine. That’s who we will be for the rest of our lives. So, in that respect, people don’t change, and we have to accept them for who they are. Now, as far as our sins our concerned, I guess we can always work to overcome those negative aspects of ourselves. Only the saints seem to have succeeded at overcoming their sins on a consistent basis that I know of.

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