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Be the Jesus Presence

Eucharistic adoration | Photo by Matea Gregg on Unsplash

One of the primary Franciscan traditions is to acknowledge the presence of Jesus in our lives. Both Francis and Clare built their lives around this idea. According to the first admonition of St. Francis, the gift Jesus gave us in the Eucharist is the opportunity to expand the work of the kingdom of God to everyone. When we participate in the practice of perpetual adoration, we put ourselves in direct contact with the God of presence and mission. Our action as adorers pales in the face of God’s action of infusing us with the spirit of the Divine Being. We are changed dramatically just by being in this living presence and being open to the action of our gracious God. We become instruments of God’s peace, mercy, joy, consolation, or courage. The more we celebrate the small miracles of daily life, the more we realize the very personal action of God in our daily living. The presence of Jesus among us is just that—a widespread presence among all of God’s people. We are able to embed the wonders of the presence of God within us. Each of us can and must be the “Jesus Presence” in this world of ours. 

—from the book  Eucharistic Adoration: Reflections in the Franciscan Tradition 
by Franciscan Sisters of Adoration

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