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Holy, Wholly Healthy: When Your Suffering Can’t Be Seen

When we do not see someone’s symptoms, we might assume that the person is not suffering.
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Pope Francis looks out to the crowd before his weekly general audience in the Vatican audience hall Feb. 15, 2023. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)

Pope Francis: Who Am I to Judge?

We are all masters, we are all experts, when it comes to justifying ourselves.
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Jesus on a cross | Photo by Wim van 't Einde on Unsplash

Lent with Father Casey Cole: Identity

Guilty by association. While a concept that does not stand up in a court of law, we know that it is a very powerful force in the court of public opinion. When someone does something bad, the moral character of ...
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Jesus on the cross | Photo by Henrique Jacob on Unsplash

Lent with Father Casey Cole: Restoring What Has Been Distorted

A delicious meal, a beautiful symphony, a hot shower. With five senses and billions of nerves, there are an infinite number of ways to experience pleasure from the world around us.
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Winter morning landscape

Seeing Lent in a New Light

The Eucharist cannot exist in isolation from life.
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Sacrament of Holy Orders in a church

The Sacrament of Holy Orders: A Sacred Calling

At our Baptism, the priest anointed us with sacred chrism and said that we were now identified with Jesus in his roles as priest, prophet, and king. As a priest, we are to offer sacrifice and we do this by participating ...
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Marriage: A Unique Sacrament

With these words a man and a woman begin a journey together, and their lives, and those of their families and friends, will never be the same.
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