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Nurturing a Franciscan Spirituality

I need some practical advice for how to live and grow in Franciscan spirituality as a layperson. Because I am not close to a Secular Franciscan group, I need to do this on my own.

Subscribing to St. Anthony Messenger may be your best place to start. Our “Followers of St. Francis” column usually features a Franciscan priest, brother, sister, or Secular Franciscan; but sometimes it includes a person strongly inspired by St. Francis but not formally a member of the Franciscan family. For example, that column last month featured Gary Francisco Keller, a professor at Arizona State University who maintains an extensive website about Franciscans in the United States.

This magazine regularly has articles on individual Franciscans or groups of them. I count at least eight articles published in 2016 that would directly help someone seeking to grow in Franciscan spirituality—not to mention editorials, book reviews, and other columns. Franciscan Media publishes many print and audiobooks on Franciscan topics.

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