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My Problem with the Rosary

Rosary on a bible

I was raised Catholic but drifted away in my early 20s. I came back in my late 20s, very much influenced by a man who prayed the rosary with great devotion. Unfortunately, he eventually betrayed me, lied to me, and acted in a completely ungodly way. Now when I try to pray the rosary, I can’t stop thinking about him and how he betrayed me. Does the rosary still count for people like that?

I’m sorry for what you experienced, but I don’t think any of us can afford to link our faith completely to someone else’s. Human sin is all too real, often ensnaring individuals whom we considered people of great faith. Can you afford to let your faith rise and fall with the holiness or sinfulness of an individual follower of Jesus? What about the “faith of the Church, ” to which the celebrant refers at every Mass after the Our Father?

Your faith is apparently touching your life at a deeper level than it was touching his. I encourage you not to allow his actions to rob you of a faith that you are now allowing to become deeper every day.

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