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Dedication of Days and Months

Q. When I grew up I learned what or to whom each month of the year was dedicated. A lot of years have passed. Can you tell me if the months still have a special dedication? How are they dedicated?

A. According to The Catholic Source Book, the months of the year are dedicated to:

January—The Holy Childhood

February—The Holy Family

March—St. Joseph

April—The Holy Spirit

(also the Eucharist)


June—The Sacred Heart

July—The Precious Blood

August—The Blessed Sacrament

September—The Seven Sorrows

October—The Holy Rosary

November—The Souls in Purgatory

December—The Immaculate Conception

Days of the week are dedicated to:

Sunday—The Holy Trinity

Monday—The Souls in Purgatory

(The Holy Spirit)

Tuesday—Guardian Angel

Wednesday—Saint Joseph

Thursday—The Blessed Sacrament

Friday—His Precious Blood


I have not been able to discover who determined the dedication of the days and months in this fashion. But according to the Dictionary of Catholic Devotions, the first month of the Sacred Heart was observed in 1833. Incidentally, Catholic Source Book also notes the connection between the First Fridays and the Sacred Heart.

Pope Leo XIII extended the custom of October devotions to all parish churches who were to pray for the normalization of relations between the Holy See and the Kingdom of Italy after the desegregation of the Papal States. The linking of Mary with May goes back to Spain as far as the 13th century.

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