March 6, 2024

Statue of St. Francis | Image by Robert Cheaib from Pixabay

St. Francis and Lady Poverty

Reflecting on how Francis and the brothers honored Lady Poverty has helped me to see how they lived their walking in the footsteps of Christ.
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Alabama House, Senate pass similar bills to safeguard IVF; once reconciled, bill goes to governor

Alabama lawmakers in both the state's House and Senate Feb. 29 passed similar bills to implement legal protections to in vitro fertilization clinics following a ruling by that state's Supreme Court that frozen embryos qualify as children under the state ...
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Saints Lead Us to the Table

The saints draw us into the conversation of faith, life, and the ways in which we can love each other and, in doing so, love God.
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woman standing in front of painted wings

Following the Better Angels of Our Nature

In his first inaugural address, President Abraham Lincoln counseled his listeners to follow the better angels of their nature. War was on the horizon, and yet Lincoln asserted that “we are not enemies, but friends.”
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