September 8, 2023

Congress Should Start Thinking: What Would Jesus Do?

Our democracy is teetering on the edge, and inaction will help push it over. Leaders across the board, and especially across Christianity, need to lead with truth-telling if we are to live according to Jesus’ teachings. We would do well ...
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colorful bunch of tulips

Who Don’t You Love?

Reflect Love heals wounds and brings us closer to establishing the kingdom of God. But much stands in our way, despite our best efforts. Lord, hear our prayer for more love in our world. Pray Dear God,Time and again, you ...
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Man on a boat | Photo by Wai Siew on Unsplash

Pray, Trust, and Don’t Worry

When we are fearful, we need to trust in God’s loving presence and power to help. He cares!
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Saint Francis of Assisi praying

The Prayer of St. Francis: My God and My All!

Francis of Assisi led by example. His early brothers couldn't help but follow.
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