April 13, 2023

A file photo shows the Flint River in Michigan flowing thru downtown Flint. Advocates and agencies in Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Flint, spoke with OSV News about clean water issues that negatively affect their communities and children long after initial contamination. (OSV News photo/Rebecca Cook, Reuters)

Contamination of water poses long-term hazards to communities, environment

The biblical author of Proverbs advises, "Drink water from your own cistern; flowing water from your own well." But in the centuries before Jesus Christ's birth when these verses were written, water pollution from chemicals and artificial contaminants was unknown.
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Woman walking on path

It Will Be Solved in Walking

Reflect St. Augustine once said, “It will be solved in the walking.” Moving our bodies energizes our minds and spirits and awakens us to new perspectives. When we move our bodies, our spirits move as well! Moving our bodies connects ...
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Looking with New Eyes

The death and resurrection of Jesus reminds us that God knows it’s never easy. The Risen Christ bore the wounds of the cross as a sign of that.
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