March 8, 2023

Delaware bill would break seal of confession, require priest to report what penitent says 

WILMINGTON, Del. (OSV News) — The Delaware General Assembly is taking aim at a basic tenet of the Catholic Church and wants to break the seal of confession between a priest and penitent. House Bill 74 would do away with ...
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Woman walking on a beach | Photo by Zane Lindsay on Unsplash

Give Thanks for the Emptiness

I walked last night down past the houses until there was only a wildlife refuge, dunes on the left, empty beach on the right. It was not really “empty.” So what is “empty”—that hunger within? We think there is nothing ...
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Cross with a purple ribbon

Lent with St. Clare: Second Wednesday

We live in a world that is constantly changing—minute by minute—right before our eyes. We are surrounded by the never-ending cycle of social media, news, streaming services, and a whole host of other “here this minute, gone the next” sources ...
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