January 12, 2023

Cardinal Pell dies at 81; he kept the faith even amid tribulation, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis praised the late Australian Cardinal George Pell as a faithful servant of God and of the Catholic Church, who steadfastly followed the Lord even “in the hour of trial” when he was jailed for ...
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Wheat in a field

The Rich Man and His Harvest: A Gospel Parable

There are 18 parables in the Gospel of Luke. One of the shortest ones contains one of the most powerful messages.
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Man climbing red wall

Physical Beings

Reflect When St. Francis was dying he apologized to Brother Body for the harsh treatment he so often issued. I often feel critical of my own body, seldom because of penances, but because of my excesses or unreasonable expectations. Pray ...
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The Genius of the Twelve Steps

The absolute genius of the Twelve Steps is that it refuses to bless and reward what looks like any moral worthiness game or mere heroic willpower.
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