July 28, 2022

Photo of Blessed Stanley Rother

Blessed Stanley Rother

Blessed Stanley Rother grew up in Oklahoma on his parents’ farm in what could be described as a normal environment. Life changed radically for him when he was ordained a priest in 1963, and again in 1968, when he volunteered for the missions in Guatemala. But the final change came when civil war reached his parish in 1980. He was assassinated on July 28, 1981.

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Commitment to multicultural Canada needs real effort, pope says

In a British-built fort on the highest hill in Quebec City, Pope Francis spoke to Canadian government and cultural leaders about the never-ending challenge of multiculturalism.

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Adoration to Action

Our eucharistic adoration should lead to eucharistic action—a life of service, surrender, and sacrifice. Follow time spent in eucharistic adoration with a commitment to doing a specific act of charity.

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Seven Days with Solanus Casey: A Prophetic Friar

“Happiness in this world consists in the hopes we foster. Little children are happy in the vivid hopes that animate them.”

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