May 5, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for May 9, 2021

In prayer we relate to God with the intimate friendship described by Jesus. We come to prayer with all the confidence that good friends bring to a relationship.
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Church leaders offer prayers after Mexico City metro crash

Mexican church leaders offered prayers for the victims of a metro line collapse that left at least 23 dead and more than 70 people injured.
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Faith and Family for May 9: Love One Another

In this week's Gospel, Jesus implores his followers to love one another in the same way that he loves them.
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Everyday Courage

For most of us, living courageously is a matter of choosing it with quiet resolution day after day. Take this moment to reflect on the area that is requiring courage of you.
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Mother and son show affection

Notes from a Friar: A Mother’s Love

If you think about it, one word might summarize how you could describe motherly love. That word would be “nurturer.”
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