March 31, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for April 4, 2021

Our faith rests on the reality of Jesus’ Resurrection. We base everything on the truth of the story. But we must call upon the Holy Spirit who is present to the Church to assist us with that faith.
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Cross made of trees

Let Us Pray: Resurrection Song

As Pope Francis wrote, "The Spirit of God has filled the universe with possibilities, and, therefore, from the very heart of things, something new can always emerge."
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Orlando Magic recognize woman religious for her advocacy for farmworkers

Sister Ann Kendrick might not be able to dunk a basketball, but she still made it on the Magic Vision screen at center court of Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida.
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Faith and Family for April 4: Easter Sunday

This Sunday, we celebrate Easter and the joy of Christ's resurrection from the dead.
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Christ’s Flawed, Human Body

Strengthen me to do what I can, Lord. Help me to accept my limitations and give you the glory with what this poor body can do in your service.
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Lent with St. Francis: Betrayal

Do we always end up betraying Jesus at some point? We are all sinners. We all need salvation, again and again and again. And so we come to the paschal mystery, the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
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