March 22, 2021

Cardinal, imam hold dialogue as follow-up to pope’s meeting with ayatollah

With personal warmth paired with the careful phrasing of diplomats, Washington Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory and Imam Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri, a representative of Shiite Muslims in North America, held a dialogue on Christian-Muslim relations March 17.
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Offer a Prayer of Gratitude

They say laughter is the best medicine, but we know gratitude is healing too. Propose to keep your eyes open to God’s gifts today, and let gratitude swell your heart.
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Lent with St. Francis: Great Compassion

As we approach the final week of Lent, the spiritual stakes are high. At some point in our journey, we each are called to spend time alone with Jesus, hearing him speak to us the words he spoke to the ...
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Trusting God's Justice

We want a super hero. But the Gospel reminds us that what we have is in fact a savior, an advocate. But sometimes we have to wait for the plan to unfold fully. 
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