March 16, 2021

U.N. condemns Myanmar bloodshed; cardinal criticizes ‘brutality, violence’

The United Nations and human right groups have strongly condemned the worsening bloodshed in Myanmar as at least 38 people were killed in the military's crackdown on protesters March 14.
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Faith and Family for March 21: Fifth Sunday of Lent

In this week's Gospel, Jesus uses the example of a grain of wheat to remind us how to live our best life.
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Appreciating Afterward

Some experiences can only be appreciated afterwards, not during. Then, we thought there was nothing to appreciate. But now we can see how that experience was exactly what we needed.
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Lent with St. Francis: Do We Like Complaining?

Not everyone wants to be well. Too often we become invested in our own weakness, our own sickness. It seems we would rather complain than deal with the responsibility of being healed.
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