January 11, 2021

Pope amends canon law so women can be installed as lectors, acolytes

Recognizing “the gifts of each baptized person” — women and men — Pope Francis ordered a change to canon law and liturgical norms so that women could be formally installed as lectors and acolytes.

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We’re All Right

My kids have recently discovered the classic rock radio station here in Chicago. Since I was their age in the late ’70s and early’80s, it has been fun for me to watch them discover some of the musicians and groups from my youth. While I was growing up, I loved listening to Journey, Billy Joel, and (though I don’t like to admit it much now) Air Supply.

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Grace-Filled Redirection

Daniel Comboni’s (1831–1881) first missionary trip to Africa ended in failure. He returned home to Italy and came up with what was a novel idea then: involve African Christians directly in the evangelization of their sisters and brothers.

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Repairers of the Breach: A Meditation on America

I believe—I choose and keep choosing to believe—that God wants us to be one and will help us on that path.

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