December 30, 2020

Sunday Soundbite for January 3, 2021

Whatever the historical facts behind today's Gospel story, the message of faith is that God is reaching out to us, communicating to us the Word Made Flesh.
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Church bells to ring Dec. 30 in honor of 336,000 lives lost to COVID-19

Churches will ring bells at noon Dec. 30, during the octave of Christmas, to remember and honor the more than 336,000 people who have died in the United States from COVID-19.
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Faith and Family for January 3: The Epiphany of the Lord

In this week's Gospel, we hear the tale of the Magi and their visit to see Christ in the manger.
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Person turning an hourglass upside down

God Knows What He Is Doing with You

Sometimes when we personally experience God active and moving in our life, he calls us to things we may not understand or feel a little uncertain about.
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Embrace the Darkness

Should we turn our headlights off, linger long enough in unknowing, and let our eyes adjust to the dimness, we might discover that most especially in dark times we are not alone.
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