December 18, 2020

Netflix to release series illustrating pope’s call for ‘alliance’ of young, old

Netflix has announced that in 2021 it will release a documentary series based on “Sharing the Wisdom of Time,” a book in which Pope Francis called for creating “an alliance between the young and old people” by sharing their stories.

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Set Free by Repentance

When the ache of our conscience reminds us we are not right with God, may humility lead us to repentance.

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Holding On to Christmas

This Christmas, I hope you are feeling the deep joy of Jesus’ presence, in spite of so many recent challenges. I also pray that you allow that joy to stay with you for many days!

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A Gift Beyond Time

Advent reminds us that the One who has come into the world and is always coming into our lives in new ways is the source of our salvation.

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